How to eat at St. Augustine’s restaurants in Mexico

A Mexican restaurant is known as “St. Augus” because it is located at the bottom of a mountain in the state of Mexico, according to the restaurant’s website.

The restaurant, located in the beautiful and rugged town of Mexicali, serves Mexican cuisine to a mostly Hispanic crowd.

Mexican restaurant owner, Jose Garcia, told CNN that St. Augustes was a favorite of his for years.

He told CNN, “We have a lot of customers from around the world.”

Garcia said he also serves a Mexican version of pizza.

“The pizza is made with our sauce, it’s made with tomatoes and garlic and it’s served in our restaurants,” Garcia said.

The restaurant’s menu is extensive, with several appetizers, such as shrimp and cheese, as well as vegetarian options.

But the main menu item is the chicken and tortilla tacos, with chicken and avocado sauce, served with tortillas and sour cream.

St. August is also known for its seafood and vegetarian options, as it serves its own shrimp and crab cakes, as you can see in this video posted by the restaurant.

The website also provides information about the menu, such the prices and what to expect.

But you can also order at the counter, which serves a variety of food from the restaurant, according the restaurant website.

The Mexican restaurant has also opened a second location in nearby Mexicalu.

This one has a different menu, but is still very popular.