What happened to the Chinese restaurant that’s been dubbed the “Chinese version of The Bachelorette?”

I love Chinese restaurants, but I’m not usually one to order one myself. 

But my favorite Chinese restaurants in Arizona, Arizona State University’s newest dining destination, has opened.

The Chinese restaurant at the newly renovated Tucson campus will be called The Chinese Restaurant of the Future.

A lot of the restaurants featured on the show, including the one at the top of this article, are all owned by the same person, and it’s the only place where they all share the same name.

We were lucky enough to attend an event at the Chinese Restaurant, a former cafeteria that was converted into a restaurant, in hopes of interviewing the owner and some of the other staff.

One of the restaurant’s owners, Teng Chia-Hung, told us the story of his dream for the restaurant, which is basically a version of the popular restaurant chain in Hong Kong: Teng is originally from Taiwan and moved to Arizona when he was a teenager.

He worked at a diner at a Phoenix Chinese restaurant, and he wanted to open a restaurant that he thought would offer the Chinese community a place to eat, while also serving up a diverse menu.

So he did a little research and came up with a concept.

He thought that if we could bring Chinese food to Tucson, it would make it more appealing to the wider community.

It’s actually a lot of fun.

In the end, it took two years to get the restaurant up and running, and Teng is happy to have been able to take the plunge.

He told us about how he came up this way, and how he’s had a blast trying to make his dream a reality.

As for the Chinese, it’s a Chinese concept.

The menu is primarily Chinese food, and the menu is open to all.

But the staff are also a mix of Chinese and Western.

The staff also serves traditional Chinese dishes, like Taiwanese and Chinese curries. 

“We have a full-service restaurant with a full bar and a bar area,” said Teng.

When we asked him about the menu, he said he’s hoping to be able to add a Chinese food option to the restaurant at some point.

It’d be a very unique dining experience.

“We’ll have a Chinese restaurant with no reservation,” he said.

After the event, I took a seat in front of a giant Chinese sign at the front of the building.

There are about 60 tables in the building, and they have a couple of small tables in front, along with the seating.

There’s a few other tables with chairs and tables, and we were able to get a few of the seats reserved for the guests, so it was kind of a cozy little place.

I can’t wait to try out The Chinese Restaurant.