How to book Vegas Restaurants in the Capital Cities

By James Poulos, Bloomberg Staff WriterWith the first week of May fast approaching, the Las Vegas skyline is being lit up with new, vibrant restaurants.

Many of these have opened since last year’s Golden State Warriors NBA Finals, when the Warriors defeated the Cavaliers.

It’s the first time in nearly a decade that the Las-Vegas area has hosted a basketball Finals, but it’s also the first year that the NBA Finals are being held at a venue outside of the city, and the first since 2008.

Las Vegas Restaurant Insider’s guide to the most-popular restaurants in the Las Venenos and Las Vegas casinos, and how to book them.

The most popular restaurants in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas have already been booked in the first weeks of May.

We’ve listed the best Las Vegas restaurants in each category, including a list of some of the more popular Las Vegas bars.

The best-reviewed Las Vegas Restaurations is also listed below.

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