What Happens When Your Favorite Comedy Show Ends?

By now you probably know the sad fate of the infamous ’90s sitcom ‘Friends.’

It was the last sitcom to see a big, dramatic comeback in a way that didn’t leave the viewer feeling like a broken record.

But a new movie called ‘Friends: The Movie’ has given us a look at how things could have gone a lot differently if the show had lasted a bit longer.

The movie follows the life of the original cast and their lives in the mid-90s.

Written by Ryan Kavanaugh and directed by Tim Hetherington, ‘Friends’ was produced by Brett Ratner and produced by Ratner’s company RatPac Entertainment.

‘Friends,’ directed by Ryan Christine Kavanaugh, stars Nick Jonas, Rachel Bilson, Ben Stiller, Kate McKinnon, Lauren Ambrose, Jason Segel, Josh Gad, David Schwimmer, and Zach Galifianakis.

Watch ‘Friends’: The Movie Trailer here: