Why are Boston restaurants complaining about the Trump family?

BOSTON — A lot of Boston restaurants are complaining about President Donald Trump’s children for their alleged involvement in the Boston Marathon bombing, and the family members are reportedly not taking their complaints very well.

One restaurant owner said he’s not getting the message, while another called the president a “miserable idiot.”

The president is the most hated man in America, but his children are apparently the most despised people in the entire country, according to the owner of a restaurant in Boston.

Donald Trump Jr. is reportedly having trouble at his brother’s restaurant in Brookline, Mass., and his mother, Barbara Trump, has complained about the president’s son for weeks.

Barbara Trump reportedly is unhappy about her son’s work schedule, which has reportedly caused the restaurant to have to close several times.

Barb, who was in Washington, D.C., at the time of the bombing on April 15, said she has also complained to the Trump campaign about her daughter’s work schedules.

Barbie Trump has not returned several calls seeking comment.

Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, has also been the subject of complaints.

In a recent appearance on CNN, Ivanka Trump spoke of her father’s family as a “bunch of losers.”

The mother of the president has also come under fire for her criticism of the Trump Organization.

In July, Ivanka said she felt the pressure of working on a Trump hotel project in China.

“I’m not happy with the amount of pressure I’m under, I’m not comfortable with it, but the president does need to be aware of that pressure,” she said.

“He’s a powerful individual and he is going to be able to exert that pressure over and over again.”

Barbara, who lives in Los Angeles, also criticized the president for his handling of the Boston bombing, saying the families of the victims should have been told sooner.

“There is no excuse for the families who were in the marathon,” Barbara Trump said.

“They should have known this was coming and they should have had time to prepare.

I think it’s been very disrespectful and they need to take responsibility.”