Best Japanese restaurants in Hawai’i

Honolulu, Hawaii, Hawaii.

Honolulu, Hawai’I, Hawaii.

“A new study shows that the best restaurants in the world are not necessarily those of the highest calibre, but are actually those of a very specific type of cuisine: Japanese-style ramen, or “yakuza” cuisine.

This study was conducted by the Honolulu, Hawaiian restaurant review website, which also tracks the “best” in Hawaii, and also by The Wall Street Journal.

The results were a surprise, because it was previously thought that ramen was mostly Japanese, with the exception of a handful of Japanese restaurants.

The study, titled “Best Ramen in the World: A Study of the Best Japanese Restaurants in Hawaiʻi”, was conducted for the WSJ by The Washington Post’s restaurant critic, Michael Fuchs, and he found that the top four restaurants in Hawaii all are “yakitori”, or ramen-style Japanese restaurants, with no other foreign ingredients in sight.

The first place to fall out was Sushi Bistro in Waikiki, which had just six ramen places, but only one was open on a Saturday, the same as the number of Japanese-American restaurants.

Sushi Bowl in Waianae also did poorly, as it only had two ramen shops, but its owner, Takahiro Nakamura, said that his ramen is very popular in the area, which has a large Japanese population.

Sushi Bowl has been closed since February of last year, but Nakamura said he is open for business.

His ramen spot has been open for three years.

He also said that he plans to open a new ramen place in the future.”

People want to go to a ramen shop and eat a lot of ramen.””

People want to be yakuja.

People want to go to a ramen shop and eat a lot of ramen.”

Nakamura said that while his ramens are still a popular hangout, he also knows there are some customers who have switched to eating at other ramen restaurants.

“They don’t go to those places anymore, so we need to keep that in mind,” he added.

While the results of the study are positive for the ramen scene, they do not mean that yakuzanas are the best.

There are other ramens around, for example, but they all have slightly different toppings.

There is also a Japanese-based ramen restaurant called the Mitsuya, which is also not the best choice, according to the WSJD.

Other popular ramen joints around the country, however, were not as fortunate.

“We have the Matsuya ramen in Waialae, which actually is pretty good, but it’s been closed for the past six months,” said Fuchs.

The Washington Post food critic, however said that the results were still good, as the best ramen spots are those with the most Japanese-inspired ingredients, which are usually the ramens at the top of the rankings.

“In terms of ramens, I think that’s really important,” he told the WSJP.

“It’s the difference between a yakyuza ramen and a yakitori ramen.

I think ramen with Japanese ingredients, that’s the kind of ramening you’re going to see.”

The Washington Times also looked at the most popular ramens in Hawaii.

Its list of the top 10 ramen ramen locations on the island, which was also based on the number and variety of ramins, was also in Japanese.

While the number one ramen location on the list was in the Waianaa area, the other three places were in the Kona and Maui areas.

There was also a place in Kona with the number two spot.

“Kona is really the top ramen area in the United States, and we have some of the best Japanese ramen available,” said Tom Clements, president of The Washington Times Ramen Club.

The top three ramen noodle restaurants in America are all in Hawaii and the top three most popular Japanese ramens were in Hawaii with the Mito ramen at the bottom, according the WSJM.

The WSJD reported that the Mato Ryo is the “top ramen” in the country with a ranking of 9.2 out of 10.

“I love it.

It’s a Japanese noodle with a twist,” said Clements.

The Mato Nara, a ramens noodle that comes with a “yukitori” broth, ranked as number four with a score of 8.1.

The highest ranking ramen joint was the Yamabashi Ramen, which ranked as 7.7.

“I love Japanese ramenchis, but the Muto Nara is my favorite,” said David Hochberg, a food blogger at The Washington Sun.

“This is one of the most authentic ramen that I’ve ever tasted.