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Пъзел Народно Изкуство Даудл - Ванкувър 1000 Бр.

Пъзел Народно Изкуство Даудл - Ванкувър 1000 Бр.

BGN 23.99


CREATE A LASTING PIECE OF ART representing Vancouver.ENJOY THE PROCESS OF BUILDING THIS 1000 PIECE PUZZLE measuring out to be 19 X 27 inches.COLLECTABLE PUZZLES FEATURING LOCATIONS from around the world.These collector painting help you feel part of the culture.From Islands to Mountains, from Sports to Holidays, collect them all today.MADE IN AMERICA (USA).Made of a Blue Chip Board that is imported from Holland.High quality puzzle cardboard.INCLUDES SPECIAL HIDDEN CULTURAL and city based references and jokes.Use your brain.Enhance your dexterity.Can you spot the people, jokes and messages hidden in the paintings?.Revisit the jewel of western Canada over and over again in your own home or office.This beautiful city is nicknamed Hollywood North because it is one of the largest film production centers in North America.Sitting between the Burrard Inlet and the Fraser River, the waterways of this amazing city are filled with cruise liners and sailboats of all kinds.Wildlife intermingle with skiers in the foreground while the twinkling city skyline dances in the horizon.


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